Monday, December 13, 2010

Greeting Cards Available Now!

5"x6.5" Greeting Cards
white cards and envelopes - individually wrapped
3.00 each
6 for 15.00

How to Order Your Cards
-see information below-

Choose from 10 images:

1-Colorful Mountains

2-Flower at Home

3-My Red School House Looking Over the Forest

4-My King Bush Tree Next to a Stream and King Pin Mountains

5-Grove of Trees

6-My Cabin in the Woods

7-Mountain Shades and Colors of Volcanic Rock

8-House in the Corner Next to the Freeway

9-My Mountain Pass Looking Down at the Ocean and My Thumb Island

10-My Stained Glass

1. Email your order and mailing address to
2. You will receive a confirmation email with the additional postage cost and address for you to send a check.
3. You mail a check.
4. Your order will be quickly delivered to you!

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