Monday, January 28, 2013

Transforming a Landscape Drawing into Metal!

Little Red School House Up On the Hill

The Cast Metal Process

'Little Red School House Up On the Hill' marker drawing.

Sculpted in plasticene clay, put in a wood flask, 
and ready for the sand mold.

Mixing resin bonded sand for first half of the mold.

Pouring wet sand onto sculpture.

Packing down the sand onto the sculpture 
to get good detail of the sculpture in the mold.

Pack down flat and smooth and let set up for 12 hours.

Flip mold over and make other half of the mold.

Mix sand.

Pack down firmly on top of other half of the mold 
and let set up for 12 hours.

Open up the mold.

Separate the two halves of the mold.

Remove the plasticene clay sculpture.

Carving into the sand mold to create "channels" for the liquid metal 
to flow to the sculpture.

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