Monday, March 22, 2010

Working Large

Working on My Forest In My Mind. This is the largest I have worked and I am excited to see it when I am finished! I like to experiment with perspective and dimension. I hope that this large scale painting will provide the viewer more opportunities for exploration.

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  1. Hi Al,
    So happy to see your recent post, and I love the picture of your latest work in progress. Your description of "providing the viewer more opportunities for exploration" is impressive because I believe it describes the most fascinating aspect of your work - to allow the viewer to get lost in and explore the landscape in so many different ways. In this particular work, the layout draws my eye in towards the right of the work and then up towards the sun, and then out again to view the whole landscape, almost like an optical illusion, and that is part of the reason I love your work. I hope all is well.
    Take care,